"And kill every woman who has slept with a man but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man." - Moses

Mere Atheism

a·the·ist [ay-thee-ist] n. One who has read the Bible and thinks your god is as real as the thousands you don't believe in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Email Me

"The Pharisees came and began to question him." - Mark 8:11

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What's with the Christian bashing?
The intended audience of the site is the Western world which is drunk under the influence of Christianity. If you feel the need to expose other gods as fakes, go ahead: there's a few thousand.
2. Why the title, Mere Atheism?
The original intention was to critique C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, which is still a bestseller decades after its publication. I found the book a rehash of old arguments that have been debunked elsewhere. I decided to focus my efforts on making a concise introduction to atheism.
3. The layout is pretty! The icons are pretty!
The layout is based Sinorca 2.0. The icon set, Qute, is copyright by Arvid Axelsson. All other icons and images are in the public domain. The Bible verses are from the New International Version. All other material is copyright 2007 by Mereatheism.com, email for permission to use.
4. Can I write to you?
Yes, but pretend you're writing to Jesus. You wouldn't call Jesus gay or insult his mother, especially with misspelled words? Please see the contact info at the bottom of this page.