"And kill every woman who has slept with a man but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man." - Moses

Mere Atheism

a·the·ist [ay-thee-ist] n. One who has read the Bible and thinks your god is as real as the thousands you don't believe in.

Further Reading

"So if anyone's mind is sound, he has no need of letters." - St. Anthony the Great

The frontpage is merely a window into atheism. This page provides links to useful sites with dozens of free essays, articles, and features:

Purely Atheism

Ebon Musings
A collection of "essays refute theistic belief, justify atheism from the ground up, and lay out the foundation for an atheistic worldview."
Worthwhile articles: All Possible Worlds, A Ghost in the Machine, The Ineffable Carrot and the Infinite Stick, Life of Wonder, The Necessity of Atheism, One More Burning Bush, Unmoved Mover, The Argument from Locality, A Book of Blood, Divine Blackmail, That Fateful Apple, Nothing Fails Like Prayers, The Theist's Guide to Converting Atheists, and God Is Love.
Skeptics Annotated Bible
The King James Version comes alive with line-by-line commentary from the perspective of the skeptic.
Worthwhile lists: Injustice, Absurdity, Cruelty and Violence, Intolerance, Contradictions, Family Values, Women, Science and History, Interpretation, Good Stuff, Prophecy, Sex, Language, and Homosexuality. What the Bible says about... has a nice list of things you did not expect were in the Bible.
A Skeptic's Guide to Christianity
A comprehensive collection of dozens of well-referenced articles on Christian origins and atheism.
Worthwhile sections: The Bible, Jesus, Paul and Christian Origins, Christianity, God and Theology, Pascal's Wager, History, and Atheism FAQ. Since in each section the essays build on each other, it's highly suggested that one doesn't skip around.
Worthwhile articles: Atheism and Agnosticism Defined, Euthyphro's Dilemma, God and the Problem of Evil, Hitler, Stalin and Atheism, Jesus: Non-Christian Documentary Sources, The Identity of the Evangelists: Second Century Guesses, On Probability and Possibility, Christianity and Slavery, Replies to Common Fundamentalist Apologetics, and The Rejection of Pascal's Wager.
Atheism on Debate Unlimited
A large collection of essays and emails on Christianity and atheism.
Worthwhile articles: A Needy God, Why Should I Believe in Jesus?, Why Atheism?, Classic Arguments for God, You Don't Scare Me, How can atheists have purpose in their lives?, Confessions of a Born Again Atheist, If I Was God , The Usual Arguments, Do Atheists Not Believe in God?, Why We Are Atheists, Jesus The Man, Jesus the Myth, The Meaning of Eternal Life, Atheism is a Gamble, Footsteps of the Parable Tellers, Prophets, Faith is the Enemy, God is a Drug, The Big Lie, The Bible: So Funny it Hurts, Saul: what a silly cult!, The implications of atheism, Christians who used to be atheists, So What?, Gay Atheists, Ancestor Tales, Religion and Morality, The Lives and Deaths of Martyrs, God ate my homework, The Self Fulfilling Prophecy, God is a man-made creation, How? Why? Who?, Evil and the Satan Hypothesis, More Tea Vicar?, and The Leap of Faith.
The Secular Web Library
An archive of hundreds of essays, both modern and historical, on nontheist topics.
Worthwhile articles: An Introduction to Atheism, Why I Am Not a Christian, What an Atheist Ought to Stand For, The End of Pascal's Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven, A Moral Argument for Atheism, What is Atheism Really All About?, New Testament Contradictions, The Not-So-Impossible Faith, Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems, Absurdities of the Bible, Why I Am An Agnostic, About the Holy Bible, and Superstition.
The Wonderful World of WinAce
A small site consisting of satirical and humorous articles.
Worthwhile articles: Prophecy for Dummies, Organisms that Look Designed, and Bible Prophecies Indicating Napoleon was the Messiah.
God is Imaginary
50 simple proofs for why God is imaginary. The essays are also available in video lecture form.
Worthwhile articles: Try praying, Read the Bible, Understanding religious delusion, Notice that there is no scientific evidence, Notice how many gods you reject, and Compare prayer to a lucky horseshoe.
The Brick Testament
The Bible in Lego brick form. The site is highly amusing and sure beats reading through boring genealogies and bad prose.

Beyond Atheism

James Randi Educational Foundation
The world-famous magician James Randi has a weekly column debunking dubious claims and devices. His foundation offers a $1 million paranormal challange to "anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event." Surprisingly, no one has claimed the prize.
Talk Origins
The premier resource for debunking creationist claims and upholding evolution. The outline provides a good place to start browsing the site.
The Skeptic's Dictionary (Skepdic)
With over 500 entries "from abracadabra to zombies," Skepdic is an invaluable reference guide for all sorts of wacky beliefs.
Fallacy Files
A huge list of logical fallacies. Don't miss out on it or you'll be sorry.